Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, as do cyclists and very rarely do they come together perfectly!  With a bike fit we look to make you comfortable on the bike as well as getting the most out of your fitness at the same time. So after the fit you can expect to ride for longer, while feeling like your going faster, a win win

Should I get a bike fit?

Anyone who plans to spend any length of time riding a bicycle will benefit greatly from a professional bike fit. Whether you are a recreational rider or a professional athlete, a fit will greatly benefit your enjoyment on the bike.  If you feel any pain of discomfort on the bike or feel you should be going faster than you do, a fit is for you.

You can expect a fit to greatly improve overall rider comfort and it will help prevent any cycling induced repetitive stress injuries, such as sore shoulders, wrists, knees or back.  A fit will look at all contact points and as well as improving and eliminating stress injuries; it will reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort and genital numbness.

A good bike fit will also make you a more efficient bike rider and thus reduce rider fatigue. This will allow you to ride longer and faster for the same effort because it allows the rider to use multiple muscle groups in the most effective and efficient manner.

What happens during the session?

The first step in the process is the rider interview. We take into account your history as a cyclist, your cycling goals and any injuries you have had that can affect your comfort on the bicycle. From there, we assess your flexibility and measure various parts of your body.

If you use clip less pedals we will initially set your cleats in the correct rotation and fore/aft position.  We will then look at your seat height and look at your leg extension and flexion at different positions of the pedal stroke. We will then look at the fore and aft position of the saddle and set that to allow the body to balance and ensure you are using the correct muscles throughout.

Once we have determined the correct position for the cleats and saddle we move onto the front end of the bike. Now we are setting the correct stem length, handlebar height and will look at your handlebar width.  Here will ensure there is correct flexion in the arms, the wrists do not have too much pressure placed upon them and the width of the bars are correct. The position of your levers will also be taken into account to give an all round perfect position.

How long does it take?

A fitting takes around two-three hours and much of the fitting takes place with you and your bike on a stationary indoor trainer. For this reason, you will be wearing your riding gear during your fitting and be prepared to spend much of the time riding at a steady intensity on the trainer.

Where and how much?

The fits are mobile, so we will come to you, either your office, home or we have access to other venues if needs be. The fit costs £150 and will include a full report and follow up if needed.  If you have another bike which you will fitted at the same time we can offer a 50% on each subsequent bike.

We have received great feedback so far so why not book in and get your bike set up ready for the off!