MRs Exercise Science

BSc Sports Science 

British Dietetics Association / SENr 

IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition 

British Cycling Level 3 High Performance Coach


Currently studying for PhD “Doctor of Professional Practice in Sports Coaching”

MSc “Professional Practice in Sports Coaching”

British Triathlon Level 3 High Performing Coach

Member of Research Centre for Sport Coaching, Leeds Beckett University

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Jon Bateman

Following a hectic and busy number of years working as a cycling coach within British Cycling my career has followed a number of paths.  A continuation in coaching being one but another that has sent me down a path of academia and research.  Having returned to university as a mature student I set up on my own to help fund my progression and the two have happily moulded into one.     


As a practitioner I have worked within elite sport throughout my career but feel there are numerous processes that can be transferred to the everyday athlete. There is no one rule that fits all and I intend to use my experience to continue working with elite athletes and to apply this knowledge to all.    


My work is heavily influenced by my experience as a practitioner for the last 15 years and I'm very mindful of the latest scientific research which has been robustly tested to ensure it does what it says. I do not follow the latest media and industry fads, only what I know will work for you the individual.


British Cycling Coach 2006-2012

SAFC Performance Analyst 2014-2015

P/T Lecturer 2015-Present

Pro Cycling Coach 2012-Present



Alan Copland

After a long absence from sport, I found Triathlon in 2006 and it's fair to say I have never looked back. 

I've been lucky enough to compete at Elite level as well as representing GBR at multiple Age Group internationals, winning bronze at the European Standard Distance Championships, 2008. 

I have been National age group champion at both sprint and standard distances. 

In addition to my Level 3 triathlon coaching qualification, I have a MSc in Professional Practice in Sports Coaching, open water swimming qualifications and have been operating as a BTF coach mentor since 2016. 

I currently work at the Leeds Triathlon Centre looking after the development of student performance athletes whilst providing coaching support to a number of the athletes on the World Class program. I also lecture undergraduate students at Leeds Beckett University and am a member of the newly formed Centre for Sport Coaching Research at the Carnegie School of Sport also at Leeds Beckett University.

Coaching and mentoring experience

I have been actively coaching since 2007 and continue to practice coaching daily. I have worked with athletes of all ages and abilities from juniors, to first-time triathletes to elite performers and Olympians. I have been mentor to a number of sports coaches, not just in triathlon. In addition to individual mentees, I work closely with a number of triathlon clubs to develop their coaching offering. 

Coaching Practice

My coaching practice is very much influenced by best practice and academic research and built around strong communities of practice. I aim to practically apply current and relevant coaching and mentoring methods. My MSc thesis was based upon the mentoring process and the experience of mentors and mentees within the British Triathlon environment. My ideology is built around an achievable and balanced training/ development plan, common sense and the development of intrinsic motivation of athletes and coaches via a strong sense of self determination. In simple terms, I aim to give people the skills to help them to work autonomously but still wish to work with me because of the relationship we develop.


I have spent years developing my philosophy which applies to life in general, not just coaching and mentoring. And after all that time it comes down to just four words: 

Integrity, Empathy, Compassion and Curiosity. 

Integrity is the underpinning factor of everything I do and believe. It’s the most important element of my being which is why it appears first in the list. Without empathy, I truly believe that a relationship whether it’s a coach-athlete, mentor-coach or any other human relationship cannot work to its potential. I aim to provide caring and nurture to my athletes and mentees by facilitating self-determination (a theory of intrinsic motivation facilitated by competence, autonomy and relatedness) in people using techniques such as Carl Rogers theory of unconditional positive regard (not to be confused with unconditional praise!). Compassion is key to building long term relationships as without it, the other elements of my philosophy simply couldn’t happen. Curiosity is the latest addition to my philosophy as I find myself more and more interested in the people, processes and behaviours around every-day life, not just in a sporting environment.  

British Triathlon High Performing Coach Mentor

Leeds Triathlon Centre Coach and Development Officer

Part-time Lecturer, Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University

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