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We will be updating and adding to this page but at the moment we wanted to give you an idea of what we are doing in our academic and research roles.

The effect of hot and cold drinks on thermoregulation, perception and performance: The role of the gut in thermoreception

Published - European journal of applied physiology September 2018

Hot compared to cold drinks alter sweating responses during very low intensity exercise in temperate conditions. The thermoregulatory, perceptual, and performance effects of hot compared to cold drinks in hot, dry conditions during high-intensity exercise have not been examined.

The influence of positional biomechanic on gross efficiency in cycling

Poster - World Congress Of Cycling Science - July 2014

The main aim of the study was to investigate the effects on performance by manipulating a cyclist’s bike fit in-line with normative bike fitting data.  For the purpose of this study the identifiable performance improvement was gross efficiency (GE) and the system that was used to perform the bike-fit was the Retül bike-fit system.   The hypothesis tested was that changing a well-trained cyclist’s position in-line with normative data using a popular bike fitting system could improve performance in cycling gross efficiency.

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