Endurance Coaching
February 16, 2024

Interested in coaching but not sure what it looks like?

Jon Bateman
Founder, Performance Nutritionist and Endurance Coach
Interested in coaching but not sure what it looks like or involves?…

Every coach-client relationship we have is unique. The day to day relationship is driven by the needs of you the client. All of the sessions are bespoke to you and your current needs. We do not believe in off the peg packages when working 1-1.

Cycling, running, open water swimming, multi-sport..... we can help you with all your needs...

✅ Structure - Daily sessions to work toward your goals and within your lifestyle

✅ Bespoke — Each plan is bespoke to your needs and goals

✅ On and Odd the Bike - We understand the need to be strong, both on and off the bike

✅ Analysis and Monitoring - working with your data to ensure we keep you on track

✅ Compatible workouts - Sync to your Garmin / Wahoo / Zwift / Wattbike etc… Pain free set up to take the stress out of your sessions

✅ Online Training Accounts - Your fitness hub where you will find your workouts, your progress and your message centre

We very much enjoy and thrive working alongside our clients to help you achieve your goals.

We ensure what we do as a collective meets your level, lifestyle and needs so the improvement will be sustained and more importantly, fun and really easy to follow every day.

To find out more, why not schedule a free consultation video and let's see what we can do together.

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